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Posted: 9.7.2011 in Ei kategoriaa
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I started to think about putting this blog to life. It also needed upgrading the WordPress installation. Unfortuntely it wasn’t simple task as WordPress 3.2 is only supporting PHP5. Our hosting company supports only PHP4 with current hosting plan and changing that would require plenty of additional work. I’ve used for my Finnish blogs before, so I decided to move this also to there.

It is very simple to move posts and comments from your own WordPress blog to You just have to use export at your blog and then import at It asks you how to map the writers so if you have more than one writer, it’s not the problem to map them correctly. Author of comments are not changed any way if the author hasn’t been registered to your blog.

At the first stage I don’t want to move my domain to I will do that at some point. So the tricky part is to redirect all requests from the old domain to I also want to make sure that permanent links are not going to broke down. At your WordPress installation you have .htaccess file. It is used by Apache to convert permanent links to form which is understood by WordPress. That file must be modified to redirect requests to your domain to At the end my .htaccess is:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R,L]

Now all links to are automatically converted to correct form

Is there any benefits to use instead of own installation? Yes. The technical maintenance time is reduced a lot. When I’m thinking the ‘costs’ of some service, I also do virtual charge from my own time 50€/hr. So if I spend time to tune own WordPress installation for 1hr/year, its extra cost is 50€/year. I also trust that will be more secure than own installation. It’s too easy to miss some important security upgrade. hopefully keeps its site more secure and up to date than I ever manage to keep with reasonable effort.

Is there negative sides? Yes. I don’t have control to If I wanted to install some really fancy and cool plugin or theme, it would require a lot more money. I also don’t have control to ads the readers get. Of course I can pay to take them away. It costs only about $30/year. At the moment I don’t see any benefits from that, so unfortunately you’ll have to see the ads. At this first stage the domain is not my own. I will change that later. Its extra cost is only $12/year – not match compared to time I save.

So welcome to my version of blog. Have fun.

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