Teemu Vesala


I’m still Teemu Vesala. And work (again) at Qentinel. I did 7 months visit to Nixu and security business, but I loved overall quality more than it.

I also want to share my knowledge. I’ll gladly give traning about any subject I know. I also share my knowledge at different testing related sites like Software Testing Club and Quality Testing.

At free time I enjoy reading, writing, computer games, heavy metal and good beer at home or nice pubs or horrible beer at misty bars. My music taste and testing style are very close to each other. Fast thrash – kill the application. Don’t worry – I enjoy almost all other music styles also. You can also find me from Twitter.

Lately I’ve been too busy for writing. So the blog has been a bit quiet.

You can contact me by e-mail address bqp-admin@kiva-mesta.net (Note – that e-mail address will change as soon as I get too much spam. I will reply with my real and more permanent address.)

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